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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Also, your question is how. Not what. And you also leave out which firms. Firms in general? Firms specifically? Where?

To answer your question "how to know firms retention rates" (are you from SIM btw) I would say call each firm to ask their retention rates. Given that there are 1000 law firms it will take you quite some time.
Not OP but from your reply my initial impression is that you arenít in the industry.

Generally trainees in each year (and Assocs/SA) more or less know/are able to identify each other so itís not that difficult to realise the retention rates of the firm of interest/general % of each retention rate across the big/mid/small firms.

I take it OP is a probably a student worrying about TC. My advice is worry less about retention rate but more on substantial work you are in control of both during and outside TC.
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