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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I just wanted to share this with the younger law folks here.

1. Choose the correct spouse (if you must in law school and if no, then part b). The wrong spouse you choose can set your career back by 5 years because of the multiple cascading effects after that. There are many brilliant people who would have made partner already but because of breakups and career detours as a result, they end up worse off when on paper they should have been someone much better on a per Pqe basis.

2. Choose the correct law firm to go into. Going for the firm that pays the most $$$ is often not the best choice. You need to find a firm that values you individually.

3. No one is your friend in law. Humans are jealous people. The sooner you know that the better.
On point 2, how are we supposed to identify if the firm values us individually? Our only touch points are through month long internships and interviews before we make a decision
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