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Originally Posted by tcyeric View Post
then again its been 4 years since i graduated lol

thanks for the reality check madgoat i truly appreciate it i guess you yourself are in the midst of all these eh? care to share how you even embarked upon this career choice?
No, my full time job is not in banking & finance, itís actually something that has almost nothing to do with investments ;-)

Through a chain of events and circumstance, myself and 4 others formed a unique investment vehicle that operates like a hybrid of investment club and partnership about 7 years ago, so my role is a little like a part time fund manager. 1 of my partners in this venture is pretty much true and true trading guys for their whole career lives, so I do have some knowledge of how the financial world works in general.

What I do observe of many Singaporean youngsters embarking on their career is that they tend to be quite single tracked and seem unwilling or unable to make use of their strengths in off beaten career paths. That was why I pointed out that if you are more interested in investments rather than finance, there are many more options than the traditional route of getting CFA, joining a bank, performing financial analysis etc.
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