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Pay grade: MX9 (Superscale)
Job title: Deputy Director, Director
Salary scale: S$11,110 S$15,280 / S$15,280 S$17,370
Pay grade: MX10
Job title: Assistant Director, Deputy Director
Salary scale: S$7,000 S$9,980 / S$9,980 S$11,470
Pay grade: MX11
Job title: Manager, Assistant Director
Salary scale: S$4,740 S$7,115 / S$7,115 S$8,305
Pay grade: MX12
Job title: Assistant Manager, Manager
Salary scale: S$2,945 S$5,925
Pay grade: MX13
Job title: Management Executive
Salary scale: up to S$3,000 for fresh graduates

are these salary grades applicable to MAS as well? because i heard they went through an exercise a few years back where they reduced bonuses but increased salaries?
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