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well my current salary is $2600, so after CPF i take home a little less than 2100

money for mother - $450
bills - $400
money for forced savings plans (S.O. is unemployed for 9 months, so i'm bearing full amt) - $600

Remaining : $550

this is even before deductions for transport and meals and savings (for 'disposable income')

you could say that i have unrealistic expectations but when i compare with my peers who have graduated with me, i am significantly behind all of them (i know i shouldn't compare but one should have a yard stick no?)

As for CFA level 1, i did both times with abt less than a month of full time studying :|(i.e. clear leave and study) and i am rather numerically inclined. first time i failed was due to FSA and Ethics, second time was due to Economics. Every calculation topic i had no issues.

i get your point with regards to financial analysts and stocking picking, i would just say that i want to learn the skills etc, i mean surely investment firms rely upon their research analysts to pick investments for them no? :|

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