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Have you guys heard about Revain?

I donít know if it is for everyone, but for me it is kind of a dream side job.

Basically itís a review platform, a bit like Yelp or Trustpilot, but with a few different features. The most important thing is that authors get rewarded for EACH review that is posted on the website - starting from $1 per review. Some companies also give additional rewards for reviews of their products - might be $2 more or $5 more.

Users also get experience points for writing reviews, commenting, liking, etc. When they get enough experience - they level up and unlock achievements. And then they get even bigger rewards!

Now, granted, they donít pay users directly. Revain gives you its RVN tokens, which you can exchange (1 RVN = $1). But the whole process is really easy, I managed to set everything up in a few minutes.

Once per week they hold review competitions with great prizes. For example, recently you could get $10 just for posting one of the first 50 reviews of a new company. The competitions usually last for a week, I always managed to participate in time.

I started writing about a month ago in my free time and got over $240. If you are ready to spend 2-3 hours per day on the platform - you can absolutely get more.

Really recommend trying it out

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