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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hi all,
i am graduating next may with a bachelor of engineering, NTU, 2nd upper (if nothing bad happens ).
please help with my queries:
1. what would i need to get into barclays or any other foreign banks?
2. do i need to read up alot of financial news or current affairs?
3. am i looking for a job too early?
4. what positions can someone with no financial background apply for?
5. how i can prepare myself for the interviews?

thank you all in advance!
I hate to burst your bubble, but its very very late in the game. For those in your batch which are going to front office in a foreign house, most will already have 2 to 3 big name internships, maybe an offer or two, likely a first class.

If I were in your exact position, I will network like crazy to sift out unposted positions, tell all my relatives and friends that I want to get into banking, and write to heads of the dept you are keen on in various banks in Singapore to ask for an internship. That's your best chance, cos you are definitely a low probability candidate if u go via the traditional route.

Gd luck.
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