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After going through the comments, I decided to reject the offer from Group Operations and Technology. I verified from my personal contacts who were in the programme itself that the progression after the programme was slower for O&T compared to the other divisions. Heard that not all O&T graduates made it to Manager rank from Assistant Manager rank right after the programme, whereas all graduates from the other divisions made Manager. Graduates of other divisions typically took 3 years to hit AVP, but graduates of O&T took 5 years. Attrition for O&T is very high as well, heard that 2017 batch had about 15, today only 2 left. Half that batch left during the programme.
5 years for ops sounds correct, I heard from friends that the survivors from 2016 ops batch just made AVP in the recent promotion exercise this year.... whereas those in CFS (consumer financial services) and GCB (group corporate banking) made AVP at the end of their third year, with bottom performers making AVP in their fourth year. You can really tell the differences in treatment between O&T and the business-side divisions. Business-side divisions offices are in CBD, but O&T is located far away in Tampines.... it really doesn't pay to be working in a cost-centre division.

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