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Just read your story Whizzard. It is a very inspiring one albeit ambiguous and slightly implausible.

To be worth approximately close to SGD 10m at 40 (say you started work at 20), it would require continued success at work (salaried folk would only probably be able to attain that success in their mid 50s if at all), a successful business, some inheritance and/or financial windfall, and all investments succeeding exceptionally (highly improbable).

Or a combination of all of these, WITHOUT any fiduciary liability (loans, bills, etc). It would also mean that you had no kids as everyone knows how expensive they are to raise.

For the average person anywhere in the world who had a basic family,it is a shot in the dark. Your statement of saving wisely and investing, while fundamentally good advice, is vague in attaining anywhere near the kind of success you claim to have.

You sound like an old fart using cliches to encourage the myopic youth to change their decadent ways. Had you said you were worth half that, I might have believed you.

In summary, while I won't begrudge you your success, I'll take your words with handfuls of salt!

PS:I am employed in the financial sector earning a larger than average salary in SG, with my own investments etc, so there you go... the main article itself is rudimentary in its advice, but then again, who wants to divulge real money making secrets??
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