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Surprising how so many Teachers are discussing about their pay instead of talking about the job itself. Shocked to see how some even said to “do the minimum” since the pay is Low. Al that talk of teaching being a noble job is really bullshit in Singapore’s context. Singapore’s Teachers really aren’t quite a passionate bunch with so many complaints. Some are there just because they’re bonded by a scholarship where MOE helped to pay for their University. What state is Singapore’s education system in now? No wonder studying is such a chore in Singapore
Chicken and egg problem tbh. Yes there are bottom feeders who applied to NIE solely for the sponsored studies, but those are a small minority in every newly-minted batch. Many experienced teachers may have started their journeys passionate but become disillusioned by the problems with the system over the years. For example, being expected to do tons of differentiated instruction and personalised coaching for weak students, but the teacher to student ratio is 1:40.. per class (and one teacher has 5+ classes sometimes). Or, for some subjects, the torturously heavy syllabuses where you just have to rapid fire cram info into students' brains so that they can score well in an exam, which is all their parents (and they) care about sometimes. For those idealistic teachers who started off believing they can make a difference, the fire may be hard to keep burning strong for a long time depending on their sch environment.

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