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The proportion is 80-20 at the start and gradually progresses to about 60-40. But note that the bonus component is highly variable and you shouldnt take my guideline as the bible, it is just a rough guideline.

ER in AM can be 2 different things, if you are in a fund where they invest based on your research then you can even be earning 7 figures. If you are in a role where the ER gets distributed as marketing material to clients to sell their fund, then its just a glorified sales role and you can expect pay in line with AM sales.
Sure appreciate your perspective thank you. I was referring to the former case i.e. fund investing based on my research, at both small and big shops. I wonder if I can speak to you in private to understand a bit more but itís fine if you would prefer not to as I respect you may wish to retain your anonymity.
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