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If you really want my honest opinion, yes you can. But you have to ask yourself whether it's worth lor. You can join a big4 (they take in any Tom Dick Harry these days as cheap labour) start at 2.7k now, but they really work you like a bloody cow.

Joining big MNC as Finance Executive will be much harder because competition very fierce and UOL is kinda "bleh" compared to the local U.
Big4 = no life.

Don't make the same mistake I did last time, was wowed by the brand name and thought going there and chiong no day no night for a few years will open up door to lucrative jobs in MNCs after that.

When I left after 3 years to join corporate finance, so many people also got big4 experience it wasn't worth much to companies. In the end join TNT as an accountant for 4k, not too bad for 3 yrs exp, but now think back totally not worth it. I could have a much easier life and still get 3.5k after 3 years in a big co.
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