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Originally Posted by qwertyman View Post
Can anyone help out here?

I am working in a restructured hospital in a operations dept.

Have a degree with 3 yrs exp of healthcare, and handling 3 teams of 18 staff, with 3 supervisory staff reporting directly to me.

Currently earning slightly than $3.2k...
I think its below mkt rate. Can anyone advise? Will a Pte hospital be paying more?
Ops environment is like that one lar. If you start at ~2.5k and after 3 years 3.2k seems quite standard to me.

You cannot use no. of ppl reporting to you to gauge salary one. In ops because you are dealing with low level employees, so having a degree automatically makes you having many people under you, this is nothing unqiue.

My first job in PSA ops also had about 21 people report to me. Basic $2.7k but have to run long shift hr dam siong.
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