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I'm surprised that people can give >20% of take home salary to parents. My current pay is quite low and my HDB is coming in 3 years time. More than half of my salary goes to house and after deducting the necessary expenses and allowance, I'm only left with $260 to save a month. I mean, when people gave so much to parents, how do they save for their future where everything is so expensive?
That’s because they only list down what they give but not what they take mah. I have a colleague who give $1k to parents every month, but basically use her mum like some full day babysitter.

Couple stay at parents place Mon – Thur, dinner provided by mum. Bring son to school, buy toys, feed him lunch etc. all done by the mum. And because her dad retiree already, so she and husband happily help themselves to the car on most weekends and some weekdays. You tell me 1k is a lot or not!?
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