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Originally Posted by roshin View Post
Thanks for the reply...It is an MNC not SME :-( ..the reason they say for my current salary is that i only have a diploma and they have a cieling for diploma pay..sigh !!!! The new offer they gave me comes with a 1yr bond where if i want to leave i need to pay 1 month salary to them.

I am confused, just today i read in newspaper that next year graduate salary going to rise...I told them that i need time to think..Is it wise to sign if it has a bond to it ????
My recommendation is for you to take up the offer.

A few things you need to take note:

1) The offered $2.6K is marginally higher than that quoted by the newspaper if $2.596k

2) That news article quoted from Hay Group, a management consulting group whose primary clients consist of MNCs and civil service. This has the effect of skewing their data upwards than what an average person would experience if it included SMEs.

3) There is great economic uncertainty going ahead. Locking down now at least provides some measure of assurance on your future prospects.

4) Break fee of 1 month is not a lot and managable if anyone really makes you a very tempting offer next year.

5) In any case, based on your experience, I doubt any employer will offer you beyond $3k when you get your degree.
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