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hi. everywhere you go, if you're from local uni, you would be perceived to be better because of your qualifications; not a short cut degree. but tell you, it is not entirely true. a private degree is still a degree in the eyes of some govt bodies as long as it is recognized and you would get the same pay as what a local uni grad with a pass degree would get. of course, don't talk about those local uni grads with honours degree la.. your UOL degree is quite valuable because UOL ain't not tom dick and harry school. keep on trying for public sector jobs ya

Actually I signed up the course and I have not receive the offer letter before school start date. I inquiry about it through email they told me to wait. Their information provided from the point I apply to receive the offer is contrasting between different person and they are not sure of what they are telling me. I was told a ridiculous thing: "once i sign the PTE contract, i am accepted. " The question is whose degree am I taking ? Furthermore, the course coordinator is hiding behind the screen and refuse to speak. When I received the offer letter, I went back to helpdesk because the dateline for registration of course was closed. The helpdesk told me that I can still proceed on the lecture and stuffs without having an offer of acceptance. They told me I am lucky to receive before school starts as many of the student still have not received it yet and they still going to lectures. When I reached home, I think repeatedly. Then, I decided to withdraw myself from the course. A good reputation doesn't mean it is not a tom dick and harry school. What will a bad management result to in the future? - we taking cert if for the future.

Think: what will happen to those students who continue on the course without receiving the offer letter? - they will have to pay for the expensive school fees and waste a year there.

I wonder if such a case will occur or it has had already silently occurring each year without notice.
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