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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I heard UOL degree, can fetch higher pay than other degrees, such as RMIT and Monash.

Wonder if it's true.. I heard from a HR personnel that UOL is more difficult to pass and for distance learning degrees, UOL has a better 'name' than others...

But of course, compared to NTU and NUS, it's somewhat lower.

If that's the case.. then what's the point of taking up higher studies? Might as well stay as diploma status?
In Singapore, if you want to climb in the corporate ladder and have higher pay, a Degree is minimum requirement. There's no point debating about it.

But of course, having a degree does NOT guarantee success. If you don't have a Degree, you can be still be a property agent, insurance agent or an entrepreneur (just to name a few) and you can still earn more that those with degrees, maybe even become a millionaire.

We don't force you to take up higher studies. You're not being held with a gun pointing on your head and forced you to take a degree. If you're happy with a diploma, so be it.

With or without a degree, luck plays a big role.

In the end, when you die, no amount of money or high status can make your way to Heaven. You'll be judge by your actions and intentions.

Remember, be nice to others.
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