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For the first 5-6 years up to A.Manager level, the promotions are the increment. For 90% of ppl the move from Associate to A.Manager is almost guaranteed as long as you don't kena big screw up. My friend used to work HR in one of the Big4, she say internally they don't even classify these as promotions.

If you fail to get these "fake" promotions at the time when all your peers are getting, then I suggest you just get out while you can. No point asking what is the increment because even if have, you are more or less considered condem case liao.
Thanks for sharing, that is interesting to know. If somehow one gets to senior manager level (in KPMG for instance) and doesn't get promoted for the next 3-5yrs, does he still have increment ? or his pay is going to be constant at say 8.5k, effectively meaning he is getting pay cut year after year, beaten by inflation ?
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