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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Guys I joined Accenture in 2020 as programmer.
They just pass me the project code. Bunch of bugs. No training what so ever.
And they just pile one lump of requirement for me.

I have tried d to work so many days and nights to understand and I just don't understand the code.
It's written so badly.

And I just feel so stress.
Like literally today I can breathe and have panic attack.

My boss say he schedule a meeting with client on Monday afternoon.
No matter what it have to be ready by then.

He thinks I can solve the problem on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
But the thing is I've been stuck at this for 1 whole month and I have given up....

I feel like quitting. But quitting is also 1 month notice.

So what can I do?
MC on Monday?
Or just quit without notice.

I literally almost faint just now. Cold sweat.
After I cool down walk around downstairs. And made the decision its OK to quit..

I can find another job I feel better.
But I come back up to office and sit in front of the code.
I have panic attack again...

Like I can't breathe....
How? I'm thinking of all the worst scenario that can happen on Monday
And I just can't focus...

Help? I think I can't do the job.
Why people think programming is easy?

It's so ****ing hard.
It's okay just quit.

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