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Originally Posted by lovely View Post
I have read about bad comments in other forum, about being a LAE in ST Aerospace.

Perhaps if I'm to join ST Aero, I should ask for other job positions, other than becoming their LAE.

The other thing is, I wonder does ST Aero allow their employees to have moonlighting/part-time job outside?

As a rule, 99% of company policy will say no subject to management / HR approval. In real life most people if small things like teach tuition, occassionally sell insurance or property agent just keep quiet.

If you want to declare to co. then most of the time if it's those very short time outside working hours most should be alright. If you want to deploy your aero engineer skills in some other job / assignment, I can tell you not only ST, but almost any other co. in the market will disapprove.
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