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one of my male friend join ST aero @2.6k as fresh grad dunno in 2001 or 2002, after abt 10 years with ST aero, with 2 promotions, his current salary is between 4000-4100 only, what you think????He left the company for better salary this year!!!

annual increment is between 2.7-3.5% for average performer(majority of the people get this amount) depend on economy, sometimes pay freeze in year 2009.

Only the best get 4-5% annual increment!!

please consider other place!!!!!
Not surprising, but remember that the ST group of companies have a stability that is hard to find in simialr industry because of their largely defense contracts.

Other aerospace co. can give higher salary but also very volatile. Just dio retrench once and go jobless for 6 months more than enough to wipe out whatever extra salary you get for many years.

Ultimately is high risk high return. ST maciam like fixed deposit others is like play stock market.
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