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This is as it should be. Your parents must have done something right to have such a good son. If your folks are not working or not earning much, the allowance from you will help them live a more dignified life. If they don't need your allowance, I am sure they will save it up and eventually the savings will go back to you.

Another good thing that will come out of your filial piety is that you are now getting a taste of running a household. What you are doing now will put you in a good position to run your own household when you have your own family. Then you will have to handle all the bills and living expenses of your family and allowances to your parents and parent-in laws.

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I give between 27%-30% of my monthly salary to my parents.

I earn around $3500(before cpf deduction), mean I give around $1000+/-$200.

If my parents need medical care I also sponsor them on top of the monthly $1000.
I also sponsor them the angbao $$ sometimes when they attend relatives wedding dinner.
I also sponsor them the whitegold $$ sometimes when they attend relatives funeral.

I also give them about 30% of my AWS(bonus) during CNY.

I pay my own university fee about $24000.
I pay for my own HP bill/transportation.
I pay for my own when getting a driving license.

Parent pay for utility bill for the whole household about $100/mth.
Parent pay for internet bill about $25/mth.

During my university days, parents only give me allowance total of about $2400 for the duration of 4 years course. If I need $ to buy lecture note/meals/other entertainment, I use my saving which I save up during NS.
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