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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So you would take a 2k internship at some SME vs a 1k one at a brand name like Unilever?
Yes. Cause 2k * 4.5 = 9000 over 4500.
In the longevity of working life (50 years) nobody is going to care where you intern for 4.5 months.

Why? Cause I ask my colleagues where they intern.
Some even tell me their degree doesn't have internship. Or they never opt for inter ship.

And another thing I learn also alot of people also just hide their past unglam sme work experience. And just highlight that they work in ncs for 10 years. Never mind that 5 years they job hop many sme... And that's important enough liao.

Current pay.
Brand name is last
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