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Default Decision Making, Please Advice.

Hi everyone, i'm 21 and serving my ns currently. I have a place @ NTU's Maritime studies and was from SP's maritime transportation management. I can't find my direction and have been speaking to lots of people and reading up on forums but i don't think my situation is getting any better. So here i am.

The reason i picked that particular poly course is because my uncle told me, "if you want to get a good pay, join the maritime industry", then where i don't have any preference. It is only through the course i started to hate the people i've encountered. Not only so, the course itself is just some rotten apple which looks nice on the outside. Without any direction, i just took up maritime studies @ NTU, which is the most "relevant" to me.

Even so, the course at NTU is built on from what i have in poly. Which makes the whole issue senseless as i will be studying what i have studied again.

I have thought of switching field but i have no idea where should i head to. I can't take math/ engineering/ science related courses because i have lost touch with math and science ever since secondary school.

On top of that, i have to start thinking about getting scholarships/ bonds too.

Maybe i am contradicting myself/ confusing everyone, but time is ticking away. If i were to change course, it will be like feb 2012 or something. I can't make the decision!

Oh ya, my poly gpa is around 3.7, which is pretty average i know.

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