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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I'm aware of other organisations program or plan to recruit... Or internship etc.

Somehow, even I worked in ST. I'm unaware of any initiative to recruit young blood...

Whenever conversations of fresh grad come up with management's.
It's usually...

Me: we need people with this specific skill sets to work on this project.
Management : so many? Can cut down just 1 or 2?
Me: the deadline very tight and the LD cost is high. Better we have some redundancy if only high 1 or 2 and they leave before the project due date.. It's very hard to retrain.
Management: how about 3? Hire 2 seniors 1 fresh grad as back up.
Me: we need 5 highly functional programmers. Can't afford to have a fresh grad. Learning curve is steep and time line is short..
Management : fresh grad cheaper..

In the end, I quit. From last I heard the management in charge of that prokect was promoted to head another business unit so he abandoned the project. A few others also left. So the new manager hired to clean up this mess actively hiring now. But it seems like they can't find people.

Oh what a surprise...

If you join ST. Be prepared to accept
1) low pay
2) no support or help from seniors
3) change of management every 1 or 2 years when their kpi already fulfilled
4) old technologies
5) lots of red tape
6) nothing to learn.
7) even learn liao only can be used in ST, can't transfer to other...

I suggest you Google those big name player in cyberscruity and join them instead. Then got the experience, skillet then only come to ST to retire.

ST is not pioneer in cybersecurity...

Everyone doing cyber security, senior management set direction want to setup cyber security division.. But existing staff all don't have this skill. Just hire outsource to fill the gap.

That's how ST works. Really a retirement village
totally agree...a old people old mindset retirement village...
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