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I will be doing my TC at a small firm in SG next year. The thing is, I am living on my own in SG and renting my own place (family went back to Malaysia), which is not cheap. I have emergency funds but it's not a lot. I'm trying to plan my finances so I don't run out of money, since expenses > income during the TC period.

Can someone give me a rough idea of how long the TC+call break period lasts? TC is for six months and then there's a month-long call break? How come some people on Linkedin appear to have a TC period that is longer than six months? Is it safe to say that the maximum is say 7 months for TC and 6 weeks for call break (to account for unexpected situations), after which, even if I am only a Legal Exec, my pay will be at least 2k plus a month? Of course this assumes I am retained. If I am not retained, will have to find another Assoc position elsewhere.

How hard would it be to work a part-time job on weekends during my TC, or should i not consider this at all unless I am really hard-pressed for money? Would working on weekends be too tiring?
The TC period is officially 6 months (typically from start of Jan to end June). You get called end August if all goes well. Your call break (the interim period) is dependent on your firm - I know of people who have worked the entire call break as a legal executive, and others who have taken the entire call break off. Most will fall somewhere in between.

Holding down a part time job with regular hours may be difficult, but would largely depend on the amount of work you receive at your firm. At some places you may not be expected to work during the weekend at all. You can perhaps consider ad hoc jobs such as food delivery, which may provide a more flexible schedule.
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