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Not true, even in GO8 there are tiers. Top 3 are Melbourne, Sydney and ANU. Second tier UNSW and Monash. Last tier UQ, Adelaide and UWA.

Outside of GO8, best to save your money and do private degree.

There is a reason why majority of Singaporeans who study in aussie choose to do so at Melbourne.

Australia situation is very different. They don't care about SG degrees because very few aussies study in our local unis, therefore no recognition. It's not because NUS/NTU are not seen up to par, or vice versa.
Sorry to burst your bubble, a sinkie that studied in an aussie uni even anu is regarded as someone whose parents are rich but didnt do well in poly or a levels, hence couldnt make it to sinkie uni.

Because sinkie use a level results cut off to judge how good a uni is.

There is no doubt that aussie unis cut off is far below nus/ntu

Few unis are more selective than sinkie unis for sinkie

Exceptions are really just your standard hypsm + oxbridge

But a caucasian aussie that studied in aussie will regarded as amdk and be well respected, however a local sinkie that studied aussie may not
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