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Default You will need at least 3500 a month to live with your wife

There is nothing like a 1 BHK in Singapore unless you live with another family and use only one room. If you can't then you have two options:

2 bedroom HDB: min 2000 a month if in the city or near MRT (train)
2 bedroom Condo: min 2400 a month

* Electricity/Water: 100-150 for moderate usage

* TV/Internet: 100

* Kitchen Gas: 40

* Travel: 50 max a month on public transport.. Taxis start at min $3 and increases every 100 meters traveled by 20 cents roughly.

* Grocery (vegetables/fruits/daily-needs): 500

* Doctors: Are not that efficient as in India or China but they charge too much. A private doctor can charge you min $70 for a less than 15 mins consultation and this excludes the cost of medicine. So stay healthy when in Singapore.

* Add more if you like to go out on weekends, pubs, eating outs, shopping.. everything is expensive and you will find that the costs are not reasonable.

At a salary of $80K, you are good to start in Singapore but do not expect great savings in your first year unless you are a miser. In fact If you like to lead a decent (okay) living, then forget about savings in first year. Also do not come here with a planning that you will change the job once you reach here, that's a great illusion as good well paying jobs here are not easy to get.

Hope it helps.
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