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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Got offered on Friday evening. Thinking twice now after reading all the negative stuff in the last few pages lol
Good that you're thinking twice. A good thing about back office is that the people are nicer and less materialistic as compared to front office. I think one reason is the nature of the job, another is that front office tends to attract more driven and materialistic people while back office attracts laid back people. When you meet clients, your appearance matter, so front office guys tend to be well dressed and the girls chioer. Front office guys like to talk about stocks, cars and watches. Even if they no car, they will have watch, like rolex those kind of expensive watch. Back office all these stuff don't matter, because no interaction with client, so you wear rolex no one care. So if you love luxury stuff like watches and cars, you should be in front office. If you are the more simple, easily contented type, then back office is for you.
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