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Seconded. Local bank BO is dead end job with very stale career advancement prospects. Dont be fooled by the above average starting pay because you can be damn sure even a Big4 audit associate with 3k starting will earn more than you in 5 years.

Look further ahead guys, dont just tunnel vision the 3.8k starting pay.
In audit, they get their industry certification after 3 years, after which if they decide to jump, they can expect a good increment. If they want worklife balance instead, they can switch to do internal audit at a normal company. Basically, there's a skill ladder to climb.

In BO, there is no such thing as industry certification, because no one gets a cert for doing data entry and processing well. Even if you're in so-called project teams, you will be spending more time getting approvals and convincing stakeholders to implement your proposed changes than on actually coming up with ideas and implementing them. FYI, local bank ops are filled with boomers who want nothing more than to do the same thing day in day out till the day they retire. So long as your proposal affects their workflow, you will have better luck squeezing blood out of wood than getting them onboard, efficiency be damned.
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