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Yep, MBBer here. MBAs are no longer necessary if you join straight out of undergrad. Top performers can make EM/PL in ~4 years out of undergrad and pull 250-300k p.a. (3 years in the US with McK's BA to EM program).

Additionally, a lot of the information about salaries within the industry are misguided, including some in the link above. A lot of firms internalize employer contribution to CPF within the gross monthly, and hence reflect salaries disproportionate to that of their peers. On a per annum basis, they tend to be more aligned because of bonus structure, other contributions etc. This is commensurate with the global practice of per annum rather than per month salary.
Lol 250-300k even in 4 years, dream on - current economical climate not withstanding

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