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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
In the 2nd in ST before I left, I leave on time or at most 15 minutes more because of bus timing. I really got marked down on that in appraisal, increment and everything.

Want senior engineer / Assistant PE don't want to promote, use E5 to with experience to be "senior" in the team.

My final year in ST, I left even before 6pm. Since I already made up my mind and was already looking out for new job, I got nothing to lose from there already. Can't even be bothered to stay for the bonus then.
If the work you finish liao, leave on time there is nothing wrong.

Leave 15 min early? That one cannot la.. If we cut your lunch time to 15 min only can or not? Its just 15 min what...

Then you come work 15 min earlier also can or not?

Basically the rule of thumb is..
If you are able to finish the work.. Go home on time no issue

Can't finish work..
But always come late. Long lunch and leave early on time.
Thats where you got marked.

Maybe that's why all those seniors... They never in office until like 9 to 930 am
. But they stayed back like 5 min or 10 min later... This is the reason la.

Office politics.
I have staff she is rhe earliest. And she also never go long lunch. Like 15 min pantry lunch..
And she finish her work so she leave on time no problem.

I have another staff E5 stroll in office 930 am follow th seniors.. Work cannot finish. Deadline cannot meet. Still dare to leave on time to rush home..

That one I also put in rh. Appraisal... Work can't complete. Rush home..
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