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I hear you friend. Well thanks to the government implementing CECA, I managed to quit the rat race in Singapore and travel to India to pick up yoga, and am now a stress-free yoga guru for overweight housewives and leery old men in a busy intersection of Gujarat, India. Home may be a thin sheet of mattress in a dingy flat with regular brownouts but my heart is full. It is here I live with my newly met Gujarati boyfriend Arjun, who aside from being enrolled in the world-renowned and Singapore-recognised Uptron university is also teaching me how to speak Gujarati as expressions of love is part of my love language.

Life is great in Gujarat if you like dumpster diving and fighting for expired naans with rats the size of my former toy poodle in Singapore, and I love to watch manly Arjun fend them off with the grace of a Bollywood star. Sometimes I do feel a tinge of regret in leaving practice when my ex-NUS law classmates DM me 'Why you like that' or 'Sis u siao ah', but then I head to the nearest ten rupees an hour internet shop to peruse and my resolve to settle in Gujarat and eventually become Arjun's loving wife becomes stronger.

Carpe diem, or as they say in Gujarati as Arjun lovingly taught me on my first day, meree gendon ko chooso my learned friends.
What racist sarcasm. I have friends in international law firms who are non citizen or pr indians and they are great. Good work ethic and destined for stardom.
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