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It really depends if you need that money. After deducting CPF, itís slightly less than 10k. If you work 2 months, you would have gotten that money. No need to bite the bullet and wait for 1 more year just to get that money. U need to stay until the following year Dec. Not just when you reach 4 years. Payout is only given if you are still in service in Dec (after your 4th year).
Hi, thanks for sharing! I actually emailed the moe connect team and they mentioned that if my last day of service is on 31 Dec 2021, Iíll be eligible for the payout. Because technically the connect deposit eligibility for the year is 1 Jan to 15 Nov. So I was thinking to tender on 30 Nov 2021 to give one month notice and then have my last day to be on 31 Dec 2021. May I know how did you find out that we have to stay till the following year in order to receive the payout? Because if thatís really the case, then itíll be a totally different story and I may not be keen to stay one more year just to get $10k. Once again, thanks for sharing!
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