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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Haha typical fake fresh grad.
That one is jitsi open source code.

You just run its sample code.
As predicted fake fresh grad just know to plagiarise...

I have send this thread to the jitsi developer and also to NUS
I'm the one who posted that android app gif.
Let me clarify some stuffs to clear up your pea brain shall I?

First, what do you mean by fake fresh grad? I really don't understand that term and what message that term is trying to convey. Can your pea brain maybe enlighten me what it means?

Secondly, please know the difference between plagiarize and using someone's open source library? I did use some open source library for the Server component but it is not jitsi. Check out Netty. (s://

Thirdly, please know that there is a difference between someone who is competence and someone who is not. If I provide you all the resources on each of the small modules, do you know how to fix them up to create something I developed? That is competence. If you spend nights and nights copy-pasting code without modifying it to your use-case, of course it wouldn't work and you have nothing to show your boss. That is incompetence.

Lastly, open your eyes big big pls, does my app looks like it's created from jitsi? If it is, can you replicate the exact one and show me? Or you can't even do it? This kind of thing very easy, 1.5 days can finish without even using Jitsi. Somemore Jitsi is a framework targeted at such use-case right? So show me how competent you are, try to replicant what I did.

You really deserved to get retrenched.
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