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Well, ok! I love challenges, but I won't be publishing the code. I think video proof is more than enough?haha

I am the above user, NUS fresh grad.
I do not own any Android device but you can roughly see from the emulators.

Currently sending full frames over to each other but I know that shouldn't be the way. We should do it by the delta frames instead, that is to say, updating the frames only when there is difference. I did not do it, but I know I can do it to further improve the latency.

I also did not do 5 users concurrently in room so that they can see each other, but it is just a repetition of what I'm doing, just adding more views + identifying which data frames belong to which views. Nothing hard.

I completed this prototype in 1.5 days.

To that guy who got retrenched, I support the other guy (from NUS) who said he can do it, we NUS student have the ability to do it because we have experience in network programming. We know how to do things, we have the aptitude.

So what excuse do you have? It is really that simple you know.

Using the concept of a simple chat room. Instead of sending String messages, you send your webcam image frames. You really can't show anything to your boss?

Serve you right for being retrenched
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