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Smile No chance

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Anyone screwed up the psychometric test but still got an interview? I left about 5 questions blank for the verbal test (anyhow shade) and left 10 questions blank in the pattern test(no time even to anyhow shade). I'd say my resume should be quite stellar though, still got chance for interview anot?
No chance. PT is their first layer filter.

All my peers during induction program completed at least 80% of the PT. Means at the worst 10 questions out of 50 not done. Most of us completed. Of course, nobody knows the correctness.

This is one of the reason many companies believe that MINDEF is a robust filtration system. If you decide to resign, getting a job at government linked organisations is easy. Well also because the director is probably retired military la. They want like minded people.

Unless u are some director taking a huge pay cut.

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