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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
No wonder u got retrenched, cant even count down a single digit day properly lmaoooo
dun need entertaint that ret@rd lah, HAHAH, he prob deserves it.

I also think its easy to do even though nv do before. Just turn on ur local cam, convert your image frame to bytes and transmit any changes to frame (u should noe wat I mean). Can use tcp if ur resolution is small or reliable udp (like many games) if u want faster speed. Server shld then broadcast to other client threads respectively.

Tbh really nth hard.. if u r from NTU or NUS, pretty sure there are modules that teach you how to do the server programming. Even if u not from those schools, can simply google server-client multithread code. Or use some rdy made libraries (i cant rmb the library name but I used it for my multiplayer poker game proj, same concept as this broadcasting thing)
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