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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Nobodu have time.
I share with you my wife HR.
She say job applications got so many. Like literally hundreds to thousand..
Tjeh can't process all.

Some js see best quality.
Some see luck. Some random.

So they don't go thru every single one to shortlist etc.
Then when shortlist. So many things.
Need background check, need G50 clearance. Need department approval.
Need budget check. Need asset team. Need to have cubicle. Asset. Laptop available.
Contract. HR. Card. Security access. Etc. Etc.

Whilw also processing existing staff payroll etc and also handling exiting staff...

Who got time to spend on rejecting applicants.
And sometimes if they don't reject outright. If their accepted choice decided to rescind offer. They can still offer the job.

This is why most company don't outright reject.
Also that's why when you look for job. Always look for job when you still have one.

Yes ofc. You need to know etc. Got other offer. Then maybe just maybe don't send out so many job applications at once.
Sounds genuine like HR. My friend in gov HR also advised me. From the moment u get invited to interview, be prepared to go thru a process of 3 months. Any part of the process can fail. Some people have spouse from certain country, fail...

Simple solution is to find a simple job with 1 month notice. Can resign anytime.

On the letter of rejection. I still think its a poor excuse to avoid sending it. In Singapore there no way for candidate get compensation from the company for deciding to re-offer after rejection. Companies can also rescind an offer after the offer and really there is hardly any penalty.

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