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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
That's a good question. My then big boss only promoted those who previously worked under him in project teams. Then the PM who used to work under the big boss only recommend people under him and the big boss approved.

For my team, my supervisor tried to get a number of us promoted and tried to explain that some things are beyond our control, like need to invest in new software and hardware to improve on work process. Management insist no big bang changes means no good performance.

So far the team I was in only managed to get one converted and promoted because of his experience in a niche industry before.
My director is profit driven
He only care about his kpi. So those project managers that manage those project that helps maintain his KPI profit margin...
He promote.
Those working on maintenance losing money no prospect no promotion. Just leaking and slowly get smaller..

Again this culture stinks from the top.
Top want to get ahead. Their way to do so is to climb over each other
Top only care about kpi. Cause the investor and board of chairman demands it.

This company is basically just investors, senior management who reap the reward of all the engineers.
What's more shocking is... Get this... Directors are not engineers themselves. Business school. Accounting..

I'm like huh. Engineering company is not run by engineers one ah
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