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4k for a manager position is low.
For context. If you need to hire a foreigner to work in Singapore they nerd 3.8k for the employment pass to ba approved.

So China is low balling...

Maybe that's why they eying fresh grad. Cause to fresh grad 4k is alot.
But to the company. Manager asking for 6to 8k for the job they will ask you to do. 24/7

And high pay doesn't mean your next job won't readjust back.
My friend his first job was too high back when fresh grad is getting 2.5k he claimed he was paid 3.5k and subsequently when he join his next job he have to take pay cut. Firsr he was offered his asking from his last paid... But after 6 months there. HR readjust his salary say got market rate adjustment and he either take the pay cut or quit

He quit. And struggle to find job and keep one after that cause he keep chasing for higher pay
Meanwhile I stayed with the same corporation from 2.5k fresh grad. Now I'm already VP level 13k with ncs.

So choose your career path. You like to stay rooted or jump here and there.

Either way it sounds more like OP don't know what to with life and have the delusion that this first job determines everything.


People with low starting pay can get high increment if they loyal etc.
It's all luck and timing and alot of factors.

So must pray CNY wealth and career. That's why all the old people, business etc always pray and burn asking for wealth prosperity and career growth

Cause there is no guarantee in life.

Those work in SIA. Brand. Prestige. High pay. Now laid off.
Get more experience. Build connection. Network. Find passive income. Network. Social media. Training.

If you think your first job decides your future. Then don't bother la cause every year got brew fresh a new batch of ppl coming to steal your job from you.
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