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OP very cute.

This is called high risk means you are not experience nor qualified for this job la.
The admin job sounds more suitable for you.

You only wished that simple easy admin job will you pay you more only.

I'm a fresh grad 20 years back.
Now I manage a product for singtel. Contraxt. Staff. Deliverable. Motivation. Problems. Complains. Etc.

But my pay is 10k per month and I have worked from ground up 20 years experience handling and managing product from inception to deliverable. To knowing how to get off my high horse and talk to ground people. To buying coffee and cakes to treat them during festival like moon cake, durian, Christmas.

I suggest you open your horizon and look for one more suitable for you.
You take up 4k can't do the job. Doesn't mean you won't get fired.
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