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Originally Posted by johnny123 View Post
Hi all, I am a fresh graduate who graduated in 2020 but just got offered 2 different positions. The first is a job as a project manager at one of the research institutes in Singapore paying SGD3,100 and the other is as a product manager in a Chinese listed OEM company paying SGD4,000.

Pay wise it is a no brainer, but from what I understand and hear from Chinese companies I am a little concerned that the company may not be what it markets itself to be, especially when I go on linkedin and find that there is no one in Singapore hired under the company as it is a new HQ. No glassdoor reviews or tianyacha the chinese version for some reason. And the contract is a little vague in terms of the job responsibilities.

The project manager job sounds a little less intimidating, but it feels like a potential dead end because it is contract based but what I hear is contracts usually get renewed and the jobscope looks like something that is mostly admin work and have little to no relevance in industry. But the good thing is I know the contract won't be dubious because it is from a reputable research institute in Singapore.

Both are great offers, however, and I am very appreciative of getting them especially in this economy. And want to get everyone's thoughts on this.
How about your risk appetite? If you are risk averse then the project management job pretty much meet your criteria.

Another thing to consider is the workload, which company do you think will give you more stuff to do?

Work Life balance?

prospect in growth?

Transferrable skills?

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