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Default Low Paying Stable Job vs High Growth Risky Job

Hi all, I am a fresh graduate who graduated in 2020 but just got offered 2 different positions. The first is a job as a project manager at one of the research institutes in Singapore paying SGD3,100 and the other is as a product manager in a Chinese listed OEM company paying SGD4,000.

Pay wise it is a no brainer, but from what I understand and hear from Chinese companies I am a little concerned that the company may not be what it markets itself to be, especially when I go on linkedin and find that there is no one in Singapore hired under the company as it is a new HQ. No glassdoor reviews or tianyacha the chinese version for some reason. And the contract is a little vague in terms of the job responsibilities.

The project manager job sounds a little less intimidating, but it feels like a potential dead end because it is contract based but what I hear is contracts usually get renewed and the jobscope looks like something that is mostly admin work and have little to no relevance in industry. But the good thing is I know the contract won't be dubious because it is from a reputable research institute in Singapore.

Both are great offers, however, and I am very appreciative of getting them especially in this economy. And want to get everyone's thoughts on this.

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