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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can confirm. Seems like some principal engineer / senior principal engineer now title changed to AVP or VP or director...

Doesn't seem to be any new senior principal engineer... Maybe they phasing out that role?

Tldr the management level title keep getting inflated and higher.
But the bottom one doesn't go up.

Seems like the bottom one now almost everyone is assistant principal engineer.
Onlh those outsource / fresh grad are project engineer. Senior engineer.

Quite sad
Very true. Actually in ST, staff grades are usually tagged to engineer rank. Principal Engineer is M2, Senior PE is M3 but senior managers and managers are M3 and M2 respectively.

So ironically, if a project needs a lead engineer, the M2/3 is the lead, but need manager, the M2/3 can also double as the manager for his own or other projects.
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