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Is expecting 5k for fresh grad salary with the current situation acceptable? I did averagely (2nd class) from a Russel Grp uni in UK. Have an offer for 4 but feel undervalued. (1 Year Contract, no bonus) (Its also my 1st offer) Based of [URL="s://"]2019 Grad Salary Review[/ I feel 5 is acceptable.

However, I feel currently a lot of companies try to go on the extreme low end 3.5 etc. Have companies telling me its too high and to get back should I agree to the 3 ish range.

Could I hear back from recent grads who recently secured jobs? What is the expected salary of fresh CS grads?

Below average wld be 3k - 4k
Normal pay 4k - 5k, Accenture
Slightly Abv 5k+ from Shopee, Banks, Tech Graduate programmes
Godlikes go into Google, FB, Apple, Bytedance. 7k onwards

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