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11400 is correct

After cpf, your bonus is

Plus your usual 5.8k
So 5.6k + 5.8k=11.4k

The 200 apparent loss in cash is good for you
Coz you got 200more in cpf and your employer lan lan must pay that 17% or $34
So end up your cpf got $234

Further more cpf has tax relief. So you end up paying lesser income tax than if you are paid that $200 in cash

Case study

Consider tom,
Tom pay is 8500 per month with zero bonus. Making a total of 102000
So each month his cpf
Is 6000 ow cap * 0.2 = 1200
His take home pay = 8500-1200= 7300
So one year 7300*12 =87,600 in cash

Consider mary
Mary pay is 6000 per month with 30k bonus, making a total of 102000
Mary take home pay 102000*0.8=81,600

So u can see 6k cash difference. But cpf is worth it coz employer kenna forced pay their 17%
You avoid tax
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