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Hi Everyone here,

Recently I went to submit my medical declaration form for DXO recruitment (received verbal offer for HR position), I have a history of High Blood Pressure (HBP) and have been on long-term medication. During NS my PES is C2L2, and today I got a call from the MO inside the camp and he asked me more questions about my HBP, but as over the years I was just on medication from my GP so I didnt went for any further blood test or medical checkups, thus there was not much I could tell the MO. Will this actually cause me to fail the medical clearance and affect my employment with MINDEF?
By right it don't affect. Unlike uniform personnel getting paid for health, DXO don't require great health to work.

The next time the medical officer calls, be polite and explain how important this job is. They may find a solution for you.

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