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Hi everyone, after attending unit preview, what is next? Saw from the previous forum's post, it seems to be getting a verbal offer/email from HR? Understand that there needs to be security clearance as well, but if you are selected, will they at least let you know? Or will they only contact you after your security clearance is done? And i saw something like they will ask you to go for medical checkups? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, just getting nervous due to radio silence after the unit preview.
Yes verbal offer will come, it's also when you get low balled and you try to negotiate. If you are a fresh grad too bad, suck it up and gain experience. Actually mindef is good experience, generally you won't have problems finding job after.

Yes of course you must clear the background checks. However you can start work before it's complete but your boss will know not to give u sensitive tasks.

Yes you must clear medical before u step into the office for insurance purpose. Since there is no group insurance your medical is just protocol.

Take note, fail any of the above you will still lose your job even after you signed. Its stated clearly in the contract.
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