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Good Day Everybody,

I am new here. I would like to ask about Project Manager's pay in construction industry as I find it is particularly low compare to other.

Please consider,
Industry: Construction
Company: Local SME (Contractor)
Title: Project Manager
Experience: 10years
Age: mid 30

Monthly Basic salary: $4.5k + allowance $250
Annual income hardly reach 65k after bonus.

I think I am underpaid. How is the pay for a Project Manager of similar profile, especially in MNC? What is the prospect of me moving to MNC (and higher pay)?

Thanks in advance your time and contribution.
It really depends on how capable you are as a project manager, and also the financial health and size of the SME you work for.

I work for a local SME as a project manager (main contractor), and I am paid closed to $SGD130,000 per annum before bonus. After factoring in my anticipated bonus, my pay for this year will be closed to $SGD200,000.

But I have proven my capability and worth to the company for quite a number of years, and I am getting what I deserve.
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